Member Engagement and Services Committee

The Member Engagement and Services Committee shall connect, inform, support and recruit members; coordinate the Department Liaison Network; engage in new member outreach involving personal meetings with all new MRFA members; facilitate the creation of member directed groups; and coordinate and liaise with service based committees such as the Social Events and Professional Development Committees.

Member Outreach Initiative

Department Liaisons

The Department Liaison is an important service role and is a key role within the Mount Royal Faculty Association: Department Liaisons are an actively engaged group of Association members who inform their colleagues of MRFA meetings, initiatives and social events.

Department Liaisons are expected to follow up, in a timely manner, on all communication requests received from a member of the Member Engagement and Services Committee or the Executive Board.

The means by which MRFA messages can best be communicated within departments is generally at the discretion of the Department Liaison. Should the Executive Board deem a message to the membership to be urgent, the method of communication may be prescribed by the Executive Board.  Department Liaisons are expected to assist with communicating requests to the best of their ability and may refer to the tips provided below to assist in communicating with members. Department Liaisons are not to simply forward emails they receive from the Member Engagement and Services Officer or Executive Board.

Member Directed Groups

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