Teaching Excellence Awards

 MRFA Teaching Excellence Awards may be presented yearly to two MRFA faculty members, one full time and one Contract member, who have demonstrated sustained commitment to the development of teaching and learning at MRU. The Award will consist of a framed certificate, a plaque in the Faculty Centre, and a monetary award of $1,000.   The Awards will be presented at the annual MRFA Tenure, Promotion and Awards Celebration.


  • All full-time tenured and tenurable faculty members who have completed at least three years of full-time teaching (minimum of two courses per semester or equivalent) at MRU are eligible.
  • All contract faculty who have taught in a credit area for at least six semesters (not necessarily consecutively) are eligible.
  • Any nominee must be a member in good standing of the MRFA.
  • Previous recipients of this award or of the Distinguished Faculty Award (full-time or contract) are not eligible to be nominated again for five years.
  • Members may not be nominated for this award if they have been nominated for any other MRU teaching award in the same year


Nominees will demonstrate and provide evidence of excellence in areas that may include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • Teaching Excellence and Commitment
    • teaching and commitment recognized by both colleagues and students
    • design and delivery of classroom instruction
    • demonstrated intellectual rigour and communication skills in the presentation of subject matter including lecture, labs, tutorials, and on-line elements
  • Currency
    • Evidence of constant refreshment and adjustment of teaching philosophy and pedagogy
    • Participation in PD activities as a presenter or participant
    • Development of educational materials – lab manuals, modules, texts, study guides, audio-visuals
  • Respectful Relationships with Students and Colleagues
    • accessibility for face-to-face interactions with students outside of class
    • sensitivity to student needs
    • motivating students to achieve high standards
    • Mentoring, honours supervision and/or research supervision
  • Flexibility and Diversity in Teaching Approaches
    • evidence of flexibility with, responsiveness to, and development of courses and curriculum
    • willingness and ability to teach various types and levels of courses
    • development of an innovation, integrated into the total learning process, which has had a practical outcome that improved teaching, learning, curriculum design, and/or assessment.
  • Outreach
    • giving guest lectures, running seminars, conducting workshops or teaching courses at other universities or before professional groups

Nomination Process

Nominations may be made by faculty colleagues, students, administrators, alumnae, and staff.  Nominations are to be made on the form entitled Nomination Form for the MRFA Teaching Excellence Award (available in the MRFA Executive Office or on-line at mrfa.net/awards).  All nominations must be supported by two seconders one of which must be a student.

Deadline for nomination is the last Friday in May.

Selection Process

A subcommittee appointed by the MRFA Executive Board shall screen the nominations and select the winners based on principles and guidelines established and approved by the Executive Board. The MRFA Awards Committee will consist of:

  • An executive board member (non-voting chair)
  • One member of the MRFA Faculty Evaluation Committee appointed by FEC
  • One member from the MRFA Professional Development Committee appointed by PDC
  • One student representative to be appointed by SAMRU
  • One faculty alumni appointed by the chair of the Awards Committee
  • Two previous winners of the award appointed by the chair of the Awards Committee

Should any member of the Awards Committee be nominated they shall recues themselves from the process. Should any member of the Executive Board be nominated they shall abstain from voting when the Executive Board approves award selections. Their abstention shall be recorded in the minutes of the Association.

(If no appropriate nominations are received, the award does not have to be awarded.)