Weekly Bulletin

The MRFA sends out a weekly bulletin to all Regular, Associate and Retired members of the Association who have opted in to receiving communications from the MRFA. These bulletins provide important MRFA updates and summarize upcoming events and announcements that would be of interest to our members.

If you would like content included in the MRFA Weekly Bulletin, submit it online or send event details to the Senior Administrative and Faculty Relations Officer.

If you are a member and are not receiving the bulletin that is likely because you have not yet opted in to receiving communications from the MRFA. Please fill out and submit a MRFA CASL Consent Form.

2022-2023 MRFA Bulletins

Other MRFA Membership Communications

MRFA Reminders

Reminders: Funding Opportunities for Faculty

There are several opportunities for funding negotiated in the Collective Agreement, including

  • Scholarships for Dependents – the dependents of tenured and tenurable faculty, full time lab instructors, as well as Continuing and Fixed Term faculty, teaching 384 SICH or greater, provided dependents are registered as full-time students in credit courses at MRU, and attain a GPA of at least 2.0
  • PD Allocations – For reimbursing expenses related to responsibilities for teaching, research, professional or general University duties.
  • Contract Service Honourarium – to support Contract faculty who participate in non-instructional activities (see current opportunities for MRFA Service here).
  • and More ….

Scheduling with Your Association (@mrfa.net)

Trying to schedule a meeting with the MRFA but can’t see availability in the google calendar? Due to the move to the @mrfa.net email server, the President’s and Association Staff members’ calendars are viewable by searching for them in your calendar using the full email address (i.e. facultyrelations@mrfa.net). Members are encouraged to contact office@mrfa.net for all scheduling requests.

Faculty are Asked to Complete a Profile Demonstrating the Value of PSE

Even amidst the current challenges, we need to continue to advocate for PSE. The MRFA Advocacy Committee plans to showcase the value of the work being achieved, thereby illuminating the damaging consequences of diminished funding and support for the post-secondary landscape. If you would like to volunteer to be highlighted as part of this initiative, please fill out the online faculty profile form or contact our Advocacy Officer . The Advocacy Committee will also be highlighting the significant impacts these budget cuts have on our students. Members are welcome to share the online student profile form with students who want to have their voice heard.

Faculty Members are Asked to Provide Their Contact Information

Thank you to all members who have taken the time to provide their private contact information. If you have not yet had a chance to respond please do so now online. It is important that the Association have this information on file in the event of a lockout or strike or other Association initiatives which require a high level of member engagement. Please note – this is just a matter of preparedness and is not in any way related to the current state of negotiations.

Google Calendar

Instructions for how to add the MRFA Calendar to your Google Calendar are available here, and the calendar is always available at mrfa.net/calendar.

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