Membership in MRFA

In accordance with Article 2 of the Collective Agreement, all Academic Staff at MRU shall, as a condition of their continued employment, be regular members of the Association. Such membership begins on the date of commencement of appointment and membership dues, as approved by the Membership and specified in the Bylaws, are deducted by MRU payroll and remitted to the Association.

Regular Membership in the MRFA entitles you to representation from the MRFA in collective bargaining with respect to salary and benefit matters, workload, working conditions and all other terms and conditions of employment. The MRFA provides confidential advice, assistance, and representation of our members regarding issues of grievances, faculty welfare and institutional processes – this includes representation of members needing workplace accommodation (e.g. medical) or facing potential discipline. Membership in the MRFA further entitles members to all other privileges and services provided by the MRFA through its staff and committees and in the Faculty Centre.

Other Membership Types and Exclusions:

Refer to Article 5 of the MRFA Bylaws for more information

  • The MRU President, Vice-Presidents, Deans, and others employed in a managerial capacity or in a confidential capacity in matters relating to labour relations may teach but are excluded from the Agreement.
  • Members Emeritus – When a Regular Member retires from the University, he/she shall become a Member Emeritus/Emerita of the Association. Members Emeriti are entitled to use the Faculty Centre and join in Association activities. They may not vote or hold office.
  • Associate Members – Associate Membership may be granted to adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, endowed chairs, resident faculty, or any other academic person as approved by the Executive Board. Such membership shall entitle the member to use the Faculty Centre and to attend social and professional development activities.
  • Social Membership, entitling social members to use the Faculty Centre and attend Social events, is extended to senior administrators upon request and at the approval of the Executive Board