Advancement and Communications Committee

The Advancement and Communications Committee shall monitor and strive to improve the effectiveness of internal and external Association communications and advocacy efforts. The committee shall oversee the management of internal member-facing communications. Further, the committee shall develop and implement strategies for influencing public policy on post-secondary education, social justice issues, and other areas in which the MRFA policy on political activity and advocacy authorizes the Association to express non-partisan political views.

Advocacy Resources and Documents

Advocacy Matters:

Primary MRFA Communications

  • Department Liaisons are well informed and highly engaged members of the Association who are appointed by the Executive Board, at the recommendation of the Member Engagement and Services Committee, to serve as an MRFA liaison within Academic Units to promote a two-way flow of information between the Association and its members.
  • Weekly Bulletins are sent to members every Monday and contain updates on Association meetings, events and initiatives. The Bulletins also provide information that would be of interest to members relating to CAUT, CAFA, post-secondary in general and other items as appropriate.
  • Faculty Forum are sent occasionally throughout the year and they aggregate important stories of interest to faculty
  • is the MRFA’s website which contains all information related to the MRFA

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