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The Faculty Centre and Executive Offices are located in W315.

Email or call 403.440.6103 for general inquiries or contact the individuals below:

MRFA Assistant – Lana Funke (MRFA Staff)

Call Lana for scheduling general information relating to the MRFA.


Phone: 403.440.6103

Faculty Centre Coordinator – Bob Mariani (MRFA Staff)

Call Bob to book meeting rooms and arrange events and/or catering.


Phone – 403.440.6193
Email –

Senior Administrative and Faculty Relations Officer – Chantelle Anderson (MRFA Staff)

Contact Chantelle for information relating to MRFA Committees, Events, Elections, Finances, and other matters relating to MRFA governance, administration and member services.


Phone: 403.440.6192

Vice President Policy and Senior Grievance Officer – Brady Killough (Mathematics and Computing)

Contact the VP Policy and Senior Grievance Officer for matters related to grievances and MRU policy changes which impact faculty members.


Phone: 403.440.8506

President – Melanie Peacock (General Management and Human Resources)

The President is available for consultations, including of a confidential nature, concerning the Collective Agreement, institutional and evaluative policies and processes, matters of faculty welfare and working conditions, Association Bylaws and polices, and regarding any other questions or concerns about which the Association might be of assistance to our members. Contact Lana Funke (6103) to schedule a meeting with Melanie.

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Phone: 403.440.6191


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