Ad Hoc Committees

MRFA current ad hoc Committees

ad hoc Job Action Finance Committee

  • ad hoc Job Action Finance Committee Charter
  • Committee Members:
    • Rafik Kurji, MRFA Treasurer and Committee Chair
    • Chantelle Anderson, MRFA
    • Carlton Osakwe, Executive Board Member
    • Kris Hans, Job Action Preparedness Committee Member
    • Osama El-Temtamy, MRFA Member
    • Salah U-Din, MRFA Member

Retired Members Committee

Three’s Company

Working Group – MRFA 2025

Contract Faculty Advisory Committee

This committee is not currently struck

ad hoc Long Term Bargaining Goals Review Committee

This committee is currently being struck, and the Charter is available here.

  • Lee Easton, MRFA President (chair);
  • Kirk Niergarth, MRFA Vice-President Negotiations;
  • Brenda Lang, MRFA Contract Member Representative;
  • Milena Radzikowska,  MRFA Diversity and Equity Officer;
  • Derrick Antson, MRFA Labour Relations Officer; and
  • 1 member to be appointed from a previous Negotiating Committee