Ad Hoc Committees

MRFA current ad hoc Committees

ad hoc MRFCA Vision, Mission and Values Steering Committee

  • MRFA Mission Vision Values Steering Committee Charter 2022-23
  • Committee Election/Appointment Process:
    • September 15 – Deadline for Nominations and Campaign statements, and Statements of Interest
    • September 16 – Election – conducted by online ballot
    • September 20 – Appointments made by the Executive Board
  • Committee Members
    • The MRFA President (ex-officio and nonvoting)
    • The MRFA Communications Officer (who shall be Chair) (Pending confirmation of acceptance of the role),
    • Three Contract members: two elected by the Membership and one appointed by the Executive Board, and
    • Three Full-time members: two elected by the Membership and one appointed by the Executive Board

ad hoc Retired Members Committee

Working Group – MRFA 2025

  • MRFA 2025 Working Group Charter 
  • Committee Members
    • Lee Easton, President
    • Milena Razikowska, Diversity and Equity Officer
    • Kimberley Williams
    • Michael Ata
    • David Coulibaly

ad hoc Contract Faculty Advisory Committee

ad hoc Long Term Bargaining Goals Review Committee

This committee is currently being struck, and the Charter is available here.

  • Lee Easton, MRFA President (chair);
  • Kirk Niergarth, MRFA Vice-President Negotiations;
  • Brenda Lang, MRFA Contract Member Representative;
  • Milena Radzikowska,  MRFA Diversity and Equity Officer;
  • Derrick Antson, MRFA Labour Relations Officer; and
  • 1 member to be appointed from a previous Negotiating Committee

ad hoc Job Action Finance Committee

  • ad hoc Job Action Finance Committee Charter (Note this committee will be dissolved in Fall 2022 once its work in reviewing final expenses for job action preparations is complete)
  • Committee Members:
    • Rafik Kurji, MRFA Treasurer and Committee Chair
    • Chantelle Anderson, MRFA
    • Carlton Osakwe, Executive Board Member
    • Kris Hans, Job Action Preparedness Committee Member
    • Osama El-Temtamy, MRFA Member
    • Salah U-Din, MRFA Member