Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing strategies and appropriate media for communicating the activities of the Executive Board, the Association and its committees, and other information likely to be of wide interest, to the membership. The committee is, also, responsible for the coordination of the Department Communicators network.

Primary MRFA Communications

  • Department Liaisons are well informed and highly engaged members of the Association who are appointed by the Executive Board, at the recommendation of the Communications Committee, to serve as an MRFA liaison within Academic Units to promote a two-way flow of information between the Association and its members.
  • Weekly Bulletins are sent to members every Monday and contain updates on Association meetings, events and initiatives. The Bulletins also provide information that would be of interest to members relating to CAUT, CAFA, post-secondary in general and other items as appropriate.
  • Faculty Forum previously called News to Use has gone digital.  You’ll see the new publication “Faculty Forum” in your inbox on a regular basis.
  • Headlines are monthly posters sent to Academic Units to provide important information to the membership.
  • is the MRFA’s website which contains all information related to the MRFA

Social Media

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