The Academic Job

Appointment Types

As you are likely aware, MRU is an undergraduate teaching focused university and with this, several types of appointment categories exist at Mount Royal University.

There are different expectations for activities within categories that exist at MRU and, depending on your appointment category, activities and requirements of your academic job may vary. For specific information relating to appointment types visit the following pages:

Teaching, Service and Scholarship

At MRU, activities that are emphasized include:

Teaching – these are the aspects of your academic job that are directly associated with, and toward, undergraduate student learning. All appointment categories at MRU include teaching requirements.

Service – these are the aspects of your position that support academic processes in your Academic Unit, Faculty and/or at the larger MRU level. Service activities may also include those that support our community outside MRU or it may be discipline specific. Within the two work patterns for full-time and limited-term faculty, service is a requirement of the academic job.

Scholarship – activities of research, scholarly or artistic work that focus on discovery, integration, teaching and learning, or application of knowledge, are considered within this. It is important to be aware that there is a requirement that dissemination of your scholarship activities, through peer-review processes, are part of your academic job if your work pattern includes scholarship.