Compassionate Fund

Emergency Funds

In 2005 by resolution of the membership, the MRFA created an emergency support fund to support members facing an extraordinary financial crisis.  The fund shall not normally apply to cases where the regular remuneration or benefits are adequate for a member’s emergency expenses.  Rather, the fund is to be used when there is an unexpected change in remuneration or when an extraordinary financial crisis arises.  Without limiting the discretion to determine individual cases, applications to the fund may be based on bereavement; sudden or serious injury or illness of a member or immediate family member leading to extraordinary costs or a disruption in income; a sudden or unanticipated change of residence; sudden or unanticipated change in employment status.

Normally, expenditures shall be restricted to individual allotments of $500, and members shall be eligible to receive up to a maximum of $2,000.00 per fiscal year.  Members requesting funds beyond the initial allotment may be required to provide evidence of sustained and extraordinary unexpected change in remuneration or financial crisis.

Child Care Assistance Funds

In 2014 by resolution of the membership, the Compassionate Fund was extended to provide 60 day interest free loans to members to allow them to accept a spot in a Child Care Centre.

Accessing MRFA Compassionate Fund

Members are encouraged to review the full policy in the MRFA’s Policies and Procedures Manual and submit requests and /or inquiries to