MRFA Triads

Triads have been around for centuries in some cultures, and at Mount Royal since our College Days. What’s a triad? Find out more and sign up now!

What is an MRFA Triad?

A Triad is a group or set of three connected people or things. Join a Triad at MRU, organized by the MRFA, to help you get connected with your MRU colleagues. Triads offer a meaningful and informal way to get and give advice and support, and gain a sense of community at MRU by developing cross-faculty and cross-year connections with less and more experienced faculty.

See what your colleagues have to say about Triads at MRU and sign up to join a Triad below.

The Value of Triads from MRFA Members

“Triads were great to connect with other faculty members outside of my department. Much of it was social but also beneficial in terms of discussing teaching and research ideas which may differ due to the different students, department, content, etc.” – Julie Booke – Associate Professor in Health and Physical Education

“Triads are a great way to learn how to navigate the institution in the early years, and an excellent opportunity to see the institution and the faculty role through the eyes of different departments. For me, triads were also an instant network of supportive colleagues who have evolved over the years into some of the closest ties I have on campus.” – Alice Swabey – Associate Professor and Department Chair in the Library

“Triads are the best! I’ve been in a triad every year since starting at MRU and they have been a fantastic way of meeting people from across campus. My triads have focused on everything from sharing teaching strategies, discussing research interests, to broader mentorship and support. During the pandemic my triad held outdoor walking meetings all year round, and they were a wonderful way to stay connected to colleagues. I highly recommend joining a triad!” – Leah Hamilton – Associate Professor in General Management and Human Resources

“it was a great way to meet colleagues from different departments and disciplines when I first arrived at MRU. Being in my first academic position at the time, I also valued having the opportunity to informally ask questions and chat about things like navigating the tenure process and completing faculty annual reports. It was a good social experience too, allowing me to get to know people at the university who were outside of my department and usual social circles. I’m still friends with many of my original Triad group, who were lovely people!” – Peter Houston – Assistant Professor in the Library

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