Conferences and Travel

Funding Available

Professional Development Funding and guidelines regarding submission for such is available here.

MRU Forms, Faculty Development Forms is available here.

The Policy for Enrolling in MRU Credit and Non-Credit Courses is available here.

Pre-Travel Authorization

Select modifications have been made to the Pre-Travel Authorization database to:

  • facilitate approval for research related travel in compliance with Tri-Council requirements;
  • streamline approval for non-research travel; and,
  • provide added information for assessing risk levels on all travel activities. Specific changes are as follows:

1) The Pre-Travel Authorization system now presents a prompt requiring the traveler to indicate if the travel is research related. It will then continue with the current prompt for assessment of risk related to the travel activity as being low, moderate or high risk. All travelers are responsible to be familiar with the University’s Off-Campus Activity Policy and to complete the required Off-Campus Activity forms for submission with the Pre-Travel Authorization, where necessary.  Please refer to MRU’s Off-Campus Activity Policy and Procedures for more information regarding how risk is assessed.

2) For travel which is research-related, upon selection of the appropriate risk level, completion and submission of the Pre-Travel Authorization form, it is first to be authorized by your Dean. Once your Dean has approved the Pre-Travel Authorization, it will be sent to the AVP, Research Services for final approval.  3) Approval of non-research travel assessed at a level of risk greater than low, is now aligned with the requirements of the Off-Campus Activity Policy: authorization to occur at the Dean/Director/AVP level with submission of the appropriate completed Off-Campus Activity forms.

Travel Insurance

Information on MRU Travel policies and procedures is available on MRU Travel Management.

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