MRFA Governance

As incorporated under Alberta’s Post-secondary Learning Act (PSLA), the MRFA is governed in accordance with relevant articles of the PSLA:

  • The business and affairs of the Association are managed by the Executive Board which is elected by the Members of the Association.
  • The bylaws of the MRFA, approved by the membership, govern the Association with respect to:
    • the composition, election, responsibilities and remuneration of the Executive Board;
    • the calling, conduct and quorum of meetings of the association;
    • method(s) of voting;
    • dues rates determination and approval process; and
    • other matters. Refer to the PSLA (section 85) for a full list of required articles

The governance of the MRFA is overseen by a 10-member Executive Board with the support of several standing committees.  We strive to communicate clearly with our members through a variety of channels and to foster an engaged membership.  We hold multiple meetings of the membership throughout the year, consistent with strong democratic principles.

For more information refer to the MRFA’s key documents:

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