Service Honorarium

2019-2020 Contract Service Honorarium Application Form

Service is not a workload requirement for contract faculty; however, contract faculty have many opportunities to participate in service activities.  Per Article 14 of the Collective Agreement, the Board provides $20,000 annually to support contract faculty non-instructional (service) activities

Examples of eligible activities include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Institutional, academic unit, and discipline-specific planning meetings and task forces
  • Participation in Faculty and institutional governance (Faculty Councils; General Faculties Council)
  • Selection committees
  • MRFA-Board joint committees and MRFA committees
  • External services as a formal representative of MRU
  • View this non-exhaustive list of Service Opportunities at MRU by Type for more information

Contract faculty wishing to request an honorarium must submit a completed form to the MRFA Administrative Assistant.  The annual grant will be distributed proportionately based on the number of eligible honoraria submissions per academic year.  Funds will be distributed every May for the prior academic year (May 1 – April 30).  The deadline for submitting requests for activities in the fall semester is the last day of the final exam period. The deadline for submitting requests for activities in the winter semester is April 30 and the deadline for submitted requests for activities in the spring and summer semesters is August 31.