Role of MRFA

Workplace Problems and Supports: The Role of the MRFA

The Mount Royal Faculty Association provides representation during the following processes:

  • Grievances, i.e. contraventions or alleged contraventions of the Collective Agreement are managed through the grievance process (see the Grievance Guidebook for full details on this process)
  • Investigations and disciplinary processes pursuant to Collective Agreement Article 25
  • Accommodation processes, e.g. workplace accommodations on medical grounds

Representation during the grievance process is mandatory.  Representation in other contexts is at the member’s request, but is strongly recommended.

Note that a faculty employee has the right to have a member of the Faculty Association Executive Board present at any meeting the employee believes might be the basis of discipline.  The University is required to notify the employee of this right, and to notify the Association, if there is to be a meeting for disciplinary purposes, allowing reasonable time for the employee to contact the Association and arrange representation.

When to Ask for Help

The President is available for consultations, including of a confidential nature, concerning the Collective Agreement, institutional policies and processes, matters of appointment/reappointment and performance evaluation, matters of faculty welfare and working conditions, Association Bylaws and polices, and regarding any other questions or concerns about which the Association might be of assistance to our members.

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