The MRFA Negotiating Team will make regular updates to the membership throughout the bargaining process. And, members are encouraged to submit their input to the Negotiating team.

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Collective Bargaining Caucus Members:

  • Anupam Das,
  • Breda Eubank,
  • Alexandria Farmer,
  • Richard Hayman,
  • Brenda Lang,
  • Guy Obrecht,
  • Beth Richardson,
  • Karen Sheedy,
  • Michelle Yeo, and
  • Derrick Antson.

Negotiating Team:

  • Guy Obrecht, Negotiations Officer & Chair,
  • Anupam Das, Vice-Chair,
  • Brenda Lang, Contract Member Officer,
  • Breda Eubank,
  • Vacancy
  • Derrick Antson, Labour Relations Officer


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