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The following documents are messages sent from the MRFA to various groups in response to the funding cuts to post-secondary education in Alberta and related issues.

Advocacy and Union Support Letters

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Press Releases

The following articles include statements made by the MRFA regarding the cuts to post-secondary education in Alberta. Sorted chronologically.

Mount Royal University braces for cuts, despite new money from province

May 16, 2018 – CBC Article citing internal Memos (no comment provided by MRFA in the midst of negotiations with the Board)

MRU Faculty Hoping for No Cut in NDP Budget

October 26, 2015 – 660 News interview with Marc Schroeder

Letter to the Editor: Revenue is Premier Prentice’s Biggest Problem (“More Revenue Needed”).

Cross, Gerry. Calgary Herald [Calgary, Alta] 27 Sept 2014

Province restores $50M to schools; Post-secondary institutions seek stable funding

Gerein, Keith; Howell, Trevor. Calgary Herald [Calgary, Alta] 07 Nov 2013: A.3

Impact of Alberta post-secondary cuts felt across the province/Les conséquences des compressions dans l’enseignement postsecondaire en Alberta se font sentir dans toute la province

Anonymous. CAUT Bulletin 60.7(Sep 2013): A1,A5,A7

Universities raise alarm over effect of $147M budget cut; Worst blow since the 1930s, professors say

Gignac, Tamara. Calgary Herald [Calgary, Alta] 17 Aug 2013: A.4

MRU staff say big cuts will hurt community; Eight diploma programs to be slashed

Ferguson, Eva. Calgary Herald [Calgary, Alta] 29 May 2013: B.2

MRU taking axe to courses; University looking to halt intake for eight programs

Weismiller, Bryan. Calgary Herald [Calgary, Alta] 17 Apr 2013: A.1

Frustrated Alberta students, faculty protest education cuts

Ferguson, Eva. Calgary Herald [Calgary, Alta] 11 Apr 2013: B.1

Alta. students, faculty protest education cuts

Ferguson, Eva. Leader Post [Regina, Sask] 11 Apr 2013: B.5

Mount Royal students to protest funding cuts

Weismiller, Bryan. Calgary Herald [Calgary, Alta] 05 Apr 2013: B.4

Higher learning handed revamp; Overhaul of post-secondary system called ‘non-negotiable’

Weismiller, Bryan. Calgary Herald [Calgary, Alta] 25 Mar 2013: A.1

Weighing the harm

Cross, Gerry. Calgary Herald [Calgary, Alta] 15 Mar 2013: A.13

The following articles include statements made by the MRFA on other matters related to post-secondary education in general or MRU specifically

MRFA Press Release on Extraordinary Meeting Related to Budget Matters

Schroeder, Marc. MRFA President, 2014-2016

MRU Faculty Worry Code of Conduct will Infringe on Freedoms

Pike, Helen. The Metro. [Calgary, Alta] 27 Oct 2015

MRFA Input on PSLA Labour Amendments for Academic Staff

Marc Schroeder. 16 Nov 2015