MRFA Executive Board Appointments – Spring & Fall 2022

MRFA Members are encouraged to put their names forward for MRFA Committees through the appointment processes, as applicable for the committee you are interested in.

Fall 2022 MRFA Service Opportunities

Committee work provides many unique ways to engage with the Association and your colleagues on a variety of matters which affect all academic staff at MRU: this work is recognized as service for full-time faculty and is funded through the contract service honourarium for contract faculty. 

There are many positions available, with varying workloads which you may be interested in. Please email or call 403.512.9295 to discuss any of these positions further. If you are interested in a position, please send a brief statement of interest to by May 23. 

The MRFA encourages expressions of interest from members with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. When making appointments, the Executive Board will include diversity considerations with respect to membership in equity-seeking groups including but not limited to persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, women, members of racialized groups, and members of LGBTQ2S+ communities.

Department Liaison Committee: Various vacancies by department – see committee contact list 

Academic Liaison Committee: 1 position for 1 year (from Science and Technology) and 2 positions for 2 years (from GenEd/ADC and from Arts) 

Advocacy Committee – 1 position for 2 years, must be contract

ad hoc Contract Faculty Advisory Committee: 5 Contract members to be appointed by the Executive Board in Fall 2022

ad hoc Covid Advisory Committee: 3 positions for the duration of the work of the committee

Communications Committee – 1 position for 2 years – all Regular Members eligible 

Grants Committee – 1 position for 1 year  

Member Engagement Committee  -5 positions for 1 year and 2 positions for 2 years (4 should be contract and 2 should be FT – seeing representation from various appointment types – Sessional/Clinical Lab and Assistant/Associate Professors) 

Professional Standards and Ethics Committee – 2 positions for 1 year and 1 position for 2 years 

Triads Committee – 3 positions for 2 years 

Audit and Finance Committee –1 position for 2 years (Continuing Members: Melanie Peacock, Lee Easton, Reza Chowdhury, and Tashfeen Hussain). Experience and/or expertise related to budget management, financial planning and analysis, human resources and/or legislative compliance would be deemed beneficial.

Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee – up to 5 members whose positions will remain in place until the next CA is ratified. For more information about this committee, please refer to the charter. (Members currently: Kirk Niergarth, Richard Hayman, Derrick Antson). 

Grievance Committee 1 position for 1 year

Job Action Preparedness Committee – 1 position for 3 years left vacant. Prior experience in job action would be deemed beneficial. Those appointed to the committee should represent the variety of perspectives held by the membership (i.e. including those who are for and against job action). For more information about this committee, please refer to the charter

Ad hoc Retired Members Committee – 2 positions for 2 years (outgoing members – Gerry Cross and Kelly Hewson) – this call will only go out to the retired members list and to those who are retiring this year. 

MRFA Vision, Mission, and Values Steering Committee

MRFA 2025: Building an Inclusive, Diverse and Equitable Organization committed the Association to an organizational review to enhance member engagement and inclusivity across the Association and in the MRU Community. Moreover, more than a decade has passed since the Association last reviewed its mission vision and values. The MRFA therefore now seeks to engage all members in reflecting on our identity, values, and core principles. This ad hoc committee will coordinate a generative and consultative process through which members may engage in this important review process.

Committee Election/Appointment Process: 

  • September 15 – Deadline for Statements of Interest
  • September 16 – Election – conducted by online ballot
  • September 20 – Appointments made by the Executive Board