What should we tell our students if they ask us what’s going on?

Faculty are seeking a Collective Agreement that would strengthen our ability to provide our students with an excellent post-secondary education: our working conditions are their learning conditions!

  • Refer students to the FAQs for Students section of the MRFA website.
  • We are grateful to the support from students.  We are defending the quality of their education; so, they need to support us in our efforts to do so.  Students can contact their SAMRU reps if they want further information: the MRFA will be keeping open lines of communication with the SAMRU leadership.
  • Faculty have several concerns that have yet to be addressed in contract negotiations between the MRFA and the Board of Governors.  To honor the requirements within the negotiating process, specific details cannot be shared at this point.
  • The contract negotiation process is linear and iterative; there are specific guidelines and rules that govern the process. (You can refer to/share the timelines detailed earlier in this document.)