What has the MRFA done to prepare for potential job action?

  • The MRFA has been preparing for the eventuality of job action since before May 2017, when our right to legal strike (and of the employer to lock out) was restored and our labour relations provisions were moved to Alberta’s Labour Relations Code.  Preparations have included a comprehensive study of the new legal framework, steps toward financial preparedness that have included raising dues to build our own Contingency Fund and joining the CAUT Defence Fund, the development of a Strike Pay Policy, and many other steps.
  • An Ad Hoc Job Action Preparedness Committee (JAPC) was struck in April 2018 to develop a “detailed, implementation-ready plan for job action” (JPAC Committee Charter 2018). This committee created the MRFA Job Action Plan which will be finalized within the next month.  Detailed strike requirements (including picketing, strike pay, headquarters, logistics) are addressed in this document.
  • The MRFA has completed detailed planning and preparation and we are well situated, both operationally and financially, should a strike be required.