9:00-10:30 – Keynote

Resilience in an Ever Changing Work Environment

Room:  Gold Room    Moderated by:  Marva Ferguson


  • Elaine Mullen (English, Languages and Cultures)
  • Guy Obrecht (General Education)
  • Pearl Herscovitch (Library)
  • Shiraz Kurji (Accounting & Finance)

How far Mount Royal University has come! The University was founded in 1910 with 197 students. MRU became a university in 2009. Since then, the institution has and continues to experience change. What is change? It is an act to make something different. Change can be personal, professional, a way of thinking, how we relate to others and the wider community. Keynote speakers will share their experiences of change in higher education: academic life, working conditions, achievements and community. Drawing from the presentations, the intent is to generate discussions for members of the MRFA to explore and develop new ideas to respond to the consequences, rewards and achievements during these changes in a contemporary society.