UofL Survey

Survey: The Success and Challenges of Faculty Transitioning To Working Online – Fulfilling Teaching, Research, and Service Responsibilities

Data collected from this survey “will help to inform a large group of professionals (i.e., researchers, faculty members, administrators of universities) and the public with information about the professional and personal impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on faculty members. You will also be helping [the researchers] learn how to mitigate the effects of living through a pandemic.”
The following link, to this research project being conducted by the UofL, is being shared with you should you wish to participate in this project.


Please note that the researchers from the University of Lethbridge approached CAFA to share this link but the project itself is not being endorsed by CAFA or the MRFA.  Your participation is completely voluntary should you wish to spend 10 – 15 minutes before your vacation commences to complete the survey.  We are sharing the link as the researchers have promised to share the results with CAFA which will help inform the work of this important group.