Email Campaign and Petition on PSE Budget Cuts

The MRU Coalition, comprised of representatives from the Student, Staff and Faculty Associations of Mount Royal University, have developed the following petition to urge the Alberta Government to reconsider the cuts being made to post-secondary education in Alberta.


“The students, staff and faculty at Mount Royal University are collectively opposed to recent cuts to post-secondary funding, the tuition cap being raised to 7% for the next three years, the removal of the Student Temporary Employment Program, the removal of the Tuition and Education Tax Credits, the increase in student loan interest, and the legislative interference in the collective bargaining process. Education is a pillar that is responsible for developing the citizens of tomorrow as well as driving economic activity and societal benefit. As a province and a country, post-secondary is the only way we can prosper and compete with other provinces and countries in the information age; our current and future economy requires a highly educated and highly skilled workforce. Our community fears the erosion in the quality of post-secondary education in Alberta, as well as the potential decrease in access for Alberta learners. We urge the government to reconsider these egregious actions as they have dire consequences to the state of post-secondary education and to the future of our province.”

You have two options to support this initiative:

  1. EMAIL CAMPAIGN: To send an email directly to politicians, please click here.
  2. PETITION: If you would like your name to be kept confidential in participating in this initiative, please click here . Names will not be provided: only the total numbers of signatories to this petition will be reported.

Your support of this petition is appreciated.