Advocacy Week

Budget Cuts…

Tuition Increases …

Access to Quality Education at Stake ….

What Can I Do to Help?!

Take a few minutes to participate in the initiatives below to show your support of Post-secondary education in Alberta. 

  • Sign the MRU Coalition Petition
    • The MRU Coalition, comprised of representatives from the Student, Staff and Faculty Associations of Mount Royal University, have developed an online petition and email campaign to urge the Alberta Government to reconsider the cuts being made to post-secondary education in Alberta. Please take a moment to support this initiative online!
  • Sign the CAUT Petition
    • Members are encouraged to sign the CAUT petition to the Federal government to support PSE.
  • Sign the CUPE Petition
    • Support the Canadian Union of Public Employees in their petition urging the federal government to be a real partner in post-secondary education again. Sign online.
  • Complete a Profile Demonstrating the Value of PSE
    • The MRFA Advocacy Committee has developed a plan to highlight, via our Twitter account and our external Facebook page, key teaching and scholarship accomplishments of faculty. The aim over the upcoming weeks and months is to showcase the value of the work being achieved, thereby illuminating the damaging consequences of diminished funding and support for the post-secondary landscape. If you would like to volunteer to be highlighted as part of this initiative, please fill out the online faculty profile form or contact our Advocacy Officer Frank Cotae ( The Advocacy Committee will also be highlighting the significant impacts these budget cuts have on our students. Members are welcome to share the online student profile form with students who want to have their voice heard.
  • Use Your Voice to Support PSE in Responding to the UCP Budget Survey
    • Members are encouraged to respond to an online survey created by the UCP on the Alberta Budget.  This survey offers the opportunity to provide input on the government’s spending and saving priorities, as well as ideas for job creation and growing Alberta’s economy.  The survey is open until February 7th.
  • Say Informed by Attending the UCP Budget Telephone Town Hall
    • “As work begins on Budget 2020, [the Alberta government wants] to hear your thoughts about how to balance the budget and create jobs while ensuring Albertans continue to have access to the supports they need.” Visit the Alberta Government’s Budget Consultation page to attend a telephone town hall on Tuesday, January 28 from 6:30 to 8 pm.
  • Show Your Support by Attending the AUPE Information Picket: Fight the Cuts!
    • Register online to attend the AUPE Information Picket with other MRU Faculty Members on January 29, 2020. “The recent Alberta budget was a bad-news budget – bad for jobs, bad for workers, bad for families, bad for patients and seniors, bad for students, bad for communities. AUPE members and allies are angry and we’re fighting back. We’re fighting on the streets with information pickets across the province. We’re fighting in the courts with legal challenges to this unfair attack. Please join us at the next AUPE information picket at your worksite during your non-work time. The louder our voices, the more our message will be heard that it’s unfair to break contracts with workers while giving billions of dollars in tax cuts to corporations.” For more information visit the AUPE Website.
  • Support PSE in Social Media
    • Tweet your support of PSE using #abpse
    • Share what you value about PSE on Facebook
    • Promote AB PSE on instagram