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Responding to the Scholars’ Strike

We must always remember that in any country that claims to be a democracy, that the real power is with the people.  We have been taught not to exercise our power, to limit our voices to just voting once every four years in elections;… Continue Reading “Responding to the Scholars’ Strike”

ABPSE Funding Model Advocacy Toolkit

The proposed AB PSE funding model, with its proposed performance metrics, is inherently problematic. All interested individuals should oppose the proposed funding model. An MRU faculty member has compiled a toolkit to assist in your advocacy efforts:

MRFA Get Cracking Event

MRFA members are invited to ask questions & discuss concerns regarding faculty evaluation during the pandemic, learn about impacts of COVID on student evaluations and the Peer evaluation process, discuss what kind of feedback you want from your peer evaluator in the remote or… Continue Reading “MRFA Get Cracking Event”

Scholar Strike Information for MRU Faculty

On September 9th and 10th, academics across Canada and the United States are planning to pause their regular teaching and other work duties in anti-racist solidarity, and will join public teach-ins on police brutality, racism, and white supremacy.1 The call to pause regular teaching… Continue Reading “Scholar Strike Information for MRU Faculty”

Thank you for participating in the MRFA’s Compensation-specific SUrvey

Thank you for participating. We look forward to your continued engagement in the bargaining process and participation at the upcoming Town Halls. MRFA Town Halls regarding Compensation At the January 29, 2021 MRFA Regular Meeting, the Negotiating Committee provided an update regarding the Board’s… Continue Reading “Thank you for participating in the MRFA’s Compensation-specific SUrvey”