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MRFA Policy Amendments and Member Comment Page

The following Policy is open for member Comment in accordance with MRFA Policy Development Process. Comments may be submitted via the Bylaw and Policy Amendment Comment Form Members may also submit policy proposals to the MRFA’s Bylaws and Governance Committee for consideration. Policy proposals… Continue Reading “MRFA Policy Amendments and Member Comment Page”

Make Time to Stay Active this Winter

By Katya Sodamin These days we are always busy. It seems there is forever something to do, somewhere to be, something to learn, or someone to follow up with. All too easily are we caught up in our endless to do lists and we… Continue Reading “Make Time to Stay Active this Winter”

The Joys of Occupational Health and Safety!

By Milena Radzikowska Know that digital-age adage: if you imagine something, it probably already exists on the Internet? Mine would be an on-line personality test based on your favorite academic committee.  With some mix of trepidation and excitement I now reveal to you that… Continue Reading “The Joys of Occupational Health and Safety!”

Safeguarding our Mental Health

An Interview with Jennifer McCormick By Shelley Rathie End of semester can be a stressful period in the lives of faculty. With exams and term papers to grade, the holiday season to plan for, and getting ready for the next semester and, and, and…and… Continue Reading “Safeguarding our Mental Health”

Wellbeing in the (remote) learning Environment

In February 2020 the MRFA’s PD Committee hosted a session on Wellbeing in the Learning Environment. There were several useful takeaways from this session which members may find value in considering now while working from home. The full session event notes are available online… Continue Reading “Wellbeing in the (remote) learning Environment”