What’s Your Passion?

Develop new connections and learn from each other, and more about each other, as we continue to connect online. May 22 | 4:30 – 6:30 PM – https://zoom.us/j/95070615237 


  • Beyond the Everyday – Alan Antioquia
  • Blurring Fantasy and Reality: Role-Playing Online – David Hyttenrauch
  • The Spirituality of Skiing – Frances Widdowson
  • My passion for our planet, the stories that rocks tell us – Katherine Boggs
  • “I crochet so I don’t strangle people” – Michele Holmgren
  • Pairing Food with Wine – Pat Kostouros
  • The Call of the Mountains – Raphael Slawinski

Members who attend will be entered to win a draw prize of their choice!