Will I get strike pay?

Yes, providing that you participate in the strike (various roles are available), do not cross the picket line without a picket pass and do not publicly denounce the strike or the MRFA’s actions.  The MRFA has been preparing for this eventuality by building its Contingency Fund and by joining the CAUT Defence Fund.

  • Strike pay is not taxable and no deductions will be made from these monies.
  • Members engaged in strike duty shall receive $150 per complete shift.
  • All faculty, regardless of appointment type, will be eligible to receive the same rate of strike pay in accordance with the Association’s Strike Pay Policy and as approved by the Executive Board.
  • Members will be able to pick up strike pay weekly on Mondays at Strike Headquarters (4838 Richard Road SW, Suite 300. Calgary, AB T3E 6L1)