What would be considered crossing the picket line?

Crossing the picket line may include any action taken not in support of the Association, any work engaged in which is deemed to be on behalf of the university, and/or physically accessing University property without a picket pass. Examples of crossing the line include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing oral or written references for current students,
  • Teaching classes, including online classes,
  • Any and all course preparation, marking and/or curriculum design,
  • Any and all correspondence with students related to courses or programing at MRU, and
  • Interaction with University administrators beyond what may be required for scholarship.

The following shall not normally be considered crossing the picket line:

  • Engaging in Scholarship
  • Grant applications and other matters required to continue scholarship

Additional Information:

  • Picket passes may be provided as needed, subject to approval.
  • Any clarification required on what constitutes crossing the picket line should be directed to the MRFA President (president@mrfa.net).