What should I be doing?

  • Take Action
    • Show support for your Negotiation Committee by taking action when called to do so. (i.e. change your virtual meeting background, wear a button etc.) Members are invited to review past calls to action here.
  • Ask questions! Ask questions! Ask questions! Knowledge is power.
    • Your MRFA Department Liaison is available to provide information and to pass your questions and concerns on to the MRFA Executive Board.
  • Stay informed:
    • Attend MRFA meetings
    • Engage with your MRFA Department Liaison
    • Read the MRFA Weekly Bulletin and Let’s Make a Deal emails.
  • Support your Negotiating Committee and show your support on social media by reposting the Association’s posts and tweets.
  • Participate in educational and informational activities in support of the MRFA, such as joining  information pickets when they occur.
  • When and if directed by the MRFA, participate in work-to-rule job actions.

Remember: Our Negotiating Committee needs MRFA Members to demonstrate our support of their work on our behalf. The MRFA prefers to arrive at negotiated settlement without resorting to Job Action but the Association is prepared in the event that Job Action becomes a reality.