How will job action impact student graduation and student grades – will students need to repeat courses they’re currently registered in?

Your professors, the MRFA, and SAMRU cannot provide answers to these types of operational questions for a few reasons:

  1. Typically,  post-secondary strikes last less than 3 weeks and if this is the case in our situation, then it would be the intent of the faculty to ensure that all students get caught up after we return to work.  Classes could potentially be extended a week or two later in April, but this would not be a material change for any student experience.  However, we cannot accurately anticipate how long job action would last. 
  2. In most labour situations, an impending notice of job action (strike or lockout) more often than not results in a deal being negotiated before the actual strike or lockout takes place.  We are hopeful this will be the case in our situation; however, the Association needs to be prepared for all possible outcomes. 
  3. Regardless of how long the faculty are engaged in job action (if at all), we cannot predict what MRU administration will do with regard to student graduation.

These are operational questions that need to be asked of MRU’s Administration.  

Students are encouraged to ask these questions of the administration to get more detailed information. Students with operational questions should contact Chris Rogerson, Executive Director of Student Affairs ( and Phil Warsaba, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Student Affairs (