Q&A: Robert Mariani talks about the new MRFA Bistro

There are some exciting changes coming to the Faculty Centre this spring. The menu for the new MRFA Bistro has been updated and broadened with a variety of gluten free, vegetarian, Halal, Kosher and other options.

We talked with Robert Mariani about what’s going on and what members will see when they stop by. The full lunch menu is available here.

Can you tell us about the changes that are coming to the Faculty Centre?
Thanks for the opportunity to answer that question. We at MRFA took a look at

diversifying our menu to reach as many faculty that would use the center. We have outsourced

from different suppliers around Calgary that have met our needs. We have established a working relationship with these small groups of companies. 

Tell us more about the new menu items
The menu is bigger this year in the center, to include a variety of dishes that I am sure everyone will enjoy. We have Middle eastern meals, Kosher meals , Indian dishes,  you will just have to look on the MRFA site to see the new Menu.

How can members order food for takeout?

There a few ways to order:
On the MRFA order form or
– Send me email directly  (rmariani@mtroyal.ca,) call me and leave a message or call and talk to me (6193)

What are you personally most excited about?
I get to add new equipment and we now have appetizers during our Friday afternoon Happy Hour. Please come and check it out!

Where can members find more information?
If you would like more information please look on the web site or just give me an email or call when I am in. The full lunch menu is available here.