MRFA’s 2023 – 2024 Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Association has the full responsibility for the overall governance, direction, business, and all affairs of the Association, including the establishment of policies and operating procedures, and is responsible to the Regular Members of the Association. For a complete list of the responsibilities of the Executive Board, board positions, roles and remuneration, refer to Articles 8 & 9 of the MRFA Bylaws


Lee Easton – English, Languages, and Cultures (403.440.6191 / 403.827.6732)

Negotiations Officer

Guy Obrecht – General Education

Senior Grievance and Workplace Wellness Officer

Kelly Sundberg – Justice Studies

Contract Member Officer

Brenda Lang – General Management and HR

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer

Milena Radzikowska – Information Design

Academic Policy and Governance Officer

Marc Schroeder – Math and Computing

Advocacy Officer

Brian Nichols – Humanities

Communications Officer

AnneMarie Dorland – Marketing

Member Engagement and Services Officer

Shelley Rathie – General Management and HR

Finance Officer

Tashfeen Hussain – Accounting and Finance