MRFA Statement in Recognition of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The Mount Royal Faculty Association (MRFA) stands in solemn recognition of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on 30 September. This day holds profound significance in our collective journey towards reconciliation, as it compels us to remember, reflect upon, and redress the injustices endured by Indigenous Peoples throughout Canada’s history.

Our commitment to marking this day stems from a deep-seated desire to affirm our unwavering dedication to the calls-to-action outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Report. It serves as an annual reaffirmation of our resolve to support healing, justice, and unity. Moreover, we acknowledge our responsibility in addressing the historical and ongoing violence against Indigenous Peoples, recognizing that awareness is the first step towards change.

We recognize that the MRFA has not always been the most welcoming to Indigenous faculty, and we acknowledge the necessity of continuous listening and learning. We are committed to representing the interests of Indigenous faculty members within our Association and fostering a supportive, inclusive environment. We unequivocally stand against violence, supporting those who have experienced it, and taking action when needed.

To this effect, the MRFA is taking steps towards Indigenization by: 

  • Continuing the tradition of incorporating a written land acknowledgement at the beginning of our collective agreement.
  • Starting membership meetings, Executive Board meetings, and various committee meetings with a land acknowledgement and a discussion of how the Board will put into action the promise made by that acknowledgment.
  • By championing the introduction of an article within the collective agreement addressing Indigenization (during collective bargaining 2020-2022), and committing to the expansion of protections and rights related to Indigenization.
  • Collaboratively, worked to update the Tenure and Promotion criteria to include Indigenous ways of knowing (2022-2023).

The MRFA will continue to facilitate change, both within our organization and within the broader community. We will work to support efforts within the university community, assist the Employer in developing areas of growth and change, and continue to call upon the Employer to undertake the necessary work towards Indigenization and decolonization.

Approval by the MRFA Executive Board on September 22, 2023