MRFA Contacts 2021-2022

The current MRFA Executive Board and Committee Contact list is available here.

The Association has transitioned to a separate email server Please forward all correspondence to the following addresses. (note – all communications with the association are kept confidential in accordance with the Association’s Confidentiality Policy)

  • – All general and scheduling inquires can be directed here and all will be responded to or directed to the appropriate individual
  • – all inquiries relating to member services, meetings, elections, MRFA Committees, and Association governance can be directed here. 
  •– All inquires relating to the Collective Agreement and Grievances can be directed here.
  •– All inquires related to Association governance and external affiliations can be directed here.
  •– All inquires and comments relating to equity, diversity and inclusion matters can be directed here.
  •– All inquires relating to MRFA communications can be directed here
  •– All inquires relating to collective bargaining can be directed here