~ by Milena Radzikowska

Earlier this year, the MRFA issued its first report on the Association’s progress to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization, as identified in MRFA 2025: Building an Equitable Diverse and Inclusive Association. In its first year, the Association worked through several commitments outlined in the plan, including a new Dependent Care Policy and accompanying Dependent Care Fund; taking steps towards increased accessibility of MRFA committee and regular meetings; and EDI training and support for the Executive, Grievance Committee, Staff, and the Bargaining Team.

Here are some of the highlights of work, currently in progress, that’s reflective of MRFA 2025:

  • The MRFA is currently working on policy development as indicated in the plan for a cyclical review of Association policy and Association Operations
  • Work has begun on EDI training for all faculty (committed to in the new Collective Agreement).
  • Work continues on addressing pay inequity at MRU. 
  • The Taskforce on Systemic Racism at MRU was appointed in April 2022 and will be submitting its report in March 2023. 

We are clear that the Association requires continued, active, and resourced work in equity, diversity, and inclusion. MRFA 2025 is a dynamic document that–each year–will undergo a process of critical reflection, engaged consultation, and informed update. We also know that the document, though holding vital commitments, is little more than words on paper unless with it comes meaningful, sustained labour—listening, learning, action—not just from the Executive and those serving on MRFA committees, but from all members.

This year, we will begin the review process in January 2023. Currently, the MRFA 2025 Working Group’s members (from EDIC) are: Marva Feguson, Ines Sametband, Milena Radzikowska, and Lee Easton.If you’re curious to see more of a bird’s eye view on MRFA’s EDI-intersecting work, check out this timelines for EDI at the MRFA.