Make Time to Stay Active this Winter

By Katya Sodamin

These days we are always busy. It seems there is forever something to do, somewhere to be, something to learn, or someone to follow up with. All too easily are we caught up in our endless to do lists and we forget to make time for ourselves. I challenge you to change that this winter and prioritize your wellness by making time for active breaks and regular visits to Mount Royal’s Recreation Center.

Things are a bit different in the Rec Center these days with many pandemic safety protocols in place, but there are still a number of amenities available to Mount Royal staff and faculty. Using this campus resource for your wellness will help you maintain positive mental and physical health, ultimately benefiting your overall happiness.

Brad Clark, Associate Professor in Broadcast Media Studies, and Dr. Katharine McGowan, Associate Professor, Social Innovation, both use the Mount Royal Recreation Center on a regular basis. 

“Going to the Rec Center has kept me sane,” says Brad. “It’s also been great to have this little piece of normalcy when I’m stuck working at home.”

Katharine says, “The more active I can be the happier I have felt.” 

Happiness is important to your overall wellness as it can not only improve your productivity, but also have numerous long term health benefits including stress reduction.

If you are concerned about adding one more thing to your busy calendar, Brad says, “working out keeps me healthy, and productive on the job.” 

“You make time for the things that matter to you,” says Katharine. “I have a sedentary occupation, so running outside and crosstraining are critical to balancing that lack of activity.  While it is true professors can be busy, time for exercise improves health and capacity more generally, and can facilitate focus and efficiency. It is like any investment, it may require a sacrifice in the moment but it pays dividends.” 

Many people have been concerned about returning to the Rec Center with the ongoing pandemic, including Brad. 

“I was a bit worried that it might be too busy,” he said. “I didn’t want to have to worry about anyone being too close to me, especially working out. But it’s been great. There’s hand sanitizer everywhere. People are really good about finding their own space, keeping their distance and wearing masks.”

If you are not using the Recreation Center, Brad says, “you’re missing out on one of the best perks we have working at MRU. If you’re active, or if you want to be, you really need to check it out. I won’t list all the activities offered, but it’s a long list. I’d be surprised if you can’t find something that’s up your alley.”

  • Find an accountability buddy to help you stay active
  • Book time for physical activity in your calendar
  • Follow @mrurecreation on Instagram for workout tips
  • Visit to learn about available facilities
  • Ask for a tour at the Recreation Fitness Center desk
  • Meet with a healthcare professional if you have any health concerns before you start