Logo Lessons: Working With a Professional Information Designer

One of the amazing benefits of working at a university is having colleagues with extraordinary knowledge and skills. Tasked with creating a new logo for the MRFA, the Communications Committee leaned heavily on the expertise of two members in particular, Professors AnneMarie Dorland (Marketing) and Milena Radzikowska (Information Design).  

These two faculty members guided our work in two ways.  First, by helping the MRFA (the client) identify what kind of information is needed by a designer in order to create a new logo for us and, second, by mentoring Victoria Yelle—a current MRU Information Design student hired for the job—through the process of actually creating the logo.

As a way of guiding Victoria in her work, we thought carefully about the “story” we wanted to tell about our association. The story that emerged was one about the MRFA as a “dedicated community of educators championing excellence in education and defending faculty and student rights and values.” We added a reflection on our history as an association: “For more than 50 years, the MRFA has demonstrated remarkable solidarity and commitment to fostering a unique, progressive and supportive teaching and learning environment at Mount Royal University”; and about our present and  future: “The MRFA continues to uphold the collective interests of its members, students and the broader community.”

Victoria produced a video about her process that provides a fascinating snapshot of what goes into this kind of project. It also demonstrates her capacity as a professional and the strength of our Information Design program. 

One of the benefits of working at our university is having opportunities to witness amazing students develop skills and obtain knowledge that can help them make a real difference in the world.  Thanks to you, Victoria Yelle, for your wonderful work on our logo and for reminding us of the value of the collective enterprise of faculty and students at MRU.

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