How the Faculty of Science and Technology is taking action on EDI

by Shelley Rathie (2022-04-14)

It is heartening to acknowledge the steps being taken by the Faculty of Science and Technology in making their (and our) organizational culture more equitable and inclusive.  This faculty has embraced a strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion right from the get-go.  When someone lands on their web page, a quick glance at the left-hand menu makes it easy to see that Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is right up there in importance with The Office of the Dean, Programs, Departments and Academic Advising.  This visible recognition to addressing long standing issues around workplace discrimination, racism and cultural insensitivity should send a strong signal to everyone that MRU is committed to making this organizational transformation.  

Clicking on their Equity, Diversity and Inclusion link takes you to more than just a cursory attempt at addressing this deep and systemic issue that pervades our global society.  You can dive deeper into finding out about faculty events centered on Equity Diversity and Inclusion, to a robust mission statement from the faculty on this topic, to the plethora of on-campus EDI resources and to their Culturally Inclusive Calendar.  Members may add this calendar to their own google calendar by clicking on the “+Google Calendar” in the bottom right corner.

More than just a one time commitment, the Faculty of Science and Technology’s Culturally Inclusive Calendar landing page demonstrates an ongoing desire for everyone to share what is important to them and to add to the calendar so it is as representative of our diverse university population as possible. 

“The Faculty of Science and Technology is committed to respecting the religious, cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices of all members of our community. This calendar list is a diverse collection of traditions, holidays and celebrations that may be considered when planning events, activities, and course schedules and due dates. The significant days provided here will be updated by 2021 year end to align with the University’s religious and spiritual traditions/observances/holidays

Our list may not entirely capture representation of our community’s many diverse faiths. We welcome you to share your holy days with us and provide feedback to so that our calendar remains accurate and inclusive.”  (FST Culturally Inclusive Calendar landing page)