Performance Review Process – Full Time

The performance review process you undergo will depend on your academic rank. In this section we will discuss the ranks of tenurable and tenured faculty. Regardless of which academic rank you fall under, you will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Performance Review Process for Tenured Faculty

As a tenured faculty member, you are no longer required to have peer or Chair evaluations completed. You are however, required to submit the Faculty Annual Report no later than the first Tuesday in September. As part of the Annual Report, you will be required to choose which of the Student Perception of Teaching (SPoT) scores you wish to use and respond to. As per Article 12.3 of the Collective Agreement, the review process for tenured faculty is conducted by the Dean. After you submit your annual report, the Dean will review it, make comments on your activities for the past year, and return it to you through the Annual Report System by October 15.

Article 12.3.3 details the process that will be followed should the Dean deem a tenured faculty member’s performance to not be satisfactory. The Dean will meet with the tenured employee to discuss ways in which their performance might be improved. This could include development of a performance plan.  The following year, the Dean and the Chair will meet with the employee to assess if there has been improvement in the employee’s performance. If performance has improved, the improvement is communicated in writing and placed on the employee’s file. If performance has not improved, this too will be communicated in writing and the Dean will request that the Faculty Review Committee convene to review the employee’s performance. Article of the Collective Agreement outlines the processes that occur under the Faculty Review Committee.

Performance Review Process for Tenurable Faculty

Tenurable faculty will undergo an evaluation in each year of the five-year tenure process. The review is conducted by the Tenure Committee of your department as per Articles 9 and 10 of the Collective Agreement. After year three of the tenure process, the tenurable faculty member will undergo a mid-tenure review by the Dean of their faculty.

For each year of the tenure process, the tenurable faculty member is required to submit different documentation to the Tenure Dossier. Pages 16 to 22 of the Mount Royal University Tenure and Promotion Handbook details both what documentation is required in each year as well as the process a tenurable faculty member should expect.

In the final year of the tenure-track period, the tenurable faculty member will be required to complete the application for tenure as well as Reflective Assessments of Teaching and Scholarship (if applicable). Also to be added into the tenure dossier for final review will be representative course outlines.