Faculty Forum

Welcome to the MRFA’s new digital publication, Faculty Forum! In the most recent member census, the communications committee asked members for feedback about various communications media and member preferences. An overwhelming majority of respondents told us that your preference is to receive email messages, and there was clear feedback that print media rank much lower.

The communications committee listened to this feedback, and we are no longer printing our regular publication for distribution to members in their department mailboxes. There was also recognition of the MRFA members who do not set foot on campus because their work is in the community or online. In order to be more environmentally friendly and to reach all MRFA members, the new publication, Faculty Forum, will be emailed directly to members.

Faculty Forum will contain articles written by MRFA members addressing topics of concern and interest to our members. These articles will be available on the MRFA website – the Faculty Forum email provides a link to the full articles, so members can read (or reread) the articles at their leisure.

The communications committee is interested in member contributions, so please feel free to submit an idea or an article to any member of the communications committee:

Brenda Lang, Chair (blang@mtroyal.ca)
Justine Huet (jhuet@mtroyal.ca)
Irene Leclerc – until December 20 (ileclerc@mtroyal.ca)
Archie McLean (damclean@mtroyal.ca)
Kirk Niergarth (kniergarth@mtroyal.ca)
Karen Owen (kowen@mtroyal.ca)
Shelley Rathie (srathie@mtroyal.ca)
Amy Van Deurzen (avandeurzen@mtroyal.ca)
Please enjoy this inaugural edition of our new publication!