The complete Code of Ethics is available here. This is article 16 of the MRFA Bylaws.


We, the members of the MRFA, assert the following as our code of ethics.

1.   Responsibility: We have a duty to fulfill our obligations, both written and implied, and to accept responsibility for the consequences of the decisions we make as scholars, teachers, and members of the academic community.

2.   Respect for Oneself and Others: We have a duty to respect others and a right to respect from others. We accept our leading role in teaching respect for all human beings, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and other categorizations that can be used as a basis for discrimination.

3.   Fairness: We have a duty to be fair in our dealings with others and a right to be treated fairly.

4.   Truth and the Advancement of Knowledge: We acknowledge that the concept of truth is itself part of academic inquiry. We agree to conduct our scholarship and teaching in good faith, to be judged by the highest standards in our respective disciplines, and to apply ourselves to the advancement of knowledge in our scholarship and teaching.

5.   Academic freedom: We have the right to academic freedom, the duty to exercise and defend that right, and the obligation to encourage it in institutional and civic life.

6.   Excellence: As teachers, scholars, counsellors, librarians, office-holders within the University, and members of the Mount Royal University community, we commit to maintaining the standards of excellence expected of us by our students, our fellow scholars and ourselves.