Collective Agreement

The recently ratified Collective Agreement will be posted here once it is signed by both parties.

Collective Agreement 2020-2024

  1. Definitions
  2. Association Membership and Management Rights        
  3. Term of Agreement         
  4. Appointments       
  5. Cross Appointments        
  6. Laboratory Instructors and Senior Lecturers      
  7. Half Time Tenured Appointment
  8. Phased Retirement          
  9. Tenure and Promotion Systems 
  10. Tenure   
  11. Promotion          
  12. Performance Review of Employees with Academic Rank       
  13. Salary Schedules and Salary Administration
  14. Workload            
  15. Vacation and Holidays   
  16. Benefits and Insurance  
  17. Leaves from the University       
  18. Professional Development        
  19. Intellectual Property      
  20. Grievance Procedure    
  21. Collective Bargaining     
  22. Workplace Environment
  23. Academic Freedom       
  24. Diversity and Equity       
  25. Discipline           
  26. Personnel File    
  27. Chairs, Associate Deans, and Academic Directors      
  28. Evaluation of Teaching  
  29. Indigenization     

Addendum on Teaching, Scholarship, and Service

Appendix A – Principles of a Tenure, Promotion and Rank System at Mount Royal          

Appendix B – Faculty Reporting System, Faculty Annual Report and Scholarship Plan     

Memoranda of Understanding

Re. The Faculty180 Online Annual Reporting System         

Re. Application of the Collective Agreement to Employees Working in Student Counselling          

Re. The Creation and Phasing-in of Senior Lecturers          

Re. Acknowledging Indigenous Knowledge and Ways of Knowing through Changes to Institutional Tenure and Promotion Criteria           

Re. Pay Equity Review Implementation        

Re. Contracting out of Teaching and Related Activities in the Department of Education    

Re: the Transition to the Biweekly System of Pay

Re. A Taskforce to Review Full-time Faculty Workload and Appointment Categories