Found, Giving

“Even in times that you’d think would call for focused practicality, poetry is an answer to the questions of the day”- MRU Professor, Richard Harrison, reflects on the current situation.

The following poem was provided to the MRFA, at our request, and is posted here with Richard’s permission.

Found, Giving

This is the time

that will be That Time,

and when it is over,

as all things are that turn

into things that used to be,

we will have been tried,

and at the end of every text

and email, every Zoom,

Google Hang Out, video,

podcast, virtual meeting room,

phone call, every Blackboard

post and uploaded file written

the night before publication,

at the end of everything

kept close at a distance

in order to stay in touch,

for those who reached out to us

for guidance and to learn,

we were found, giving.

Richard Harrison


Mount Royal University

Department of English, Languages, and Cultures