Distinguished Service Awards Recipients

  • Brady Killough (2020)
  • David Sabiston (2019)
  • Cheryl Techentin (2018)
  • Elaine Mullen (2017)
  • Pat Kostouros (2016)
  • Gerry Cross (2014)
  • Lee Easton (2012)
  • Mardy Roberts (2009)
  • Marlene Kingsmith (2008)
Brady Killough, Mathematics and Computing
DSA Recipient 2020

Dr. Brady Killough has made significant contributions to the collegial governance of the MRFA and his long term efforts have advanced the goals and important aspects of the operations of the MRFA. Brady has a strong sense of where faculty voice can be emboldened. Since his arrival at MRU  in 2009, he has served on numerous key committees of the MRFA. In 2011, Brady was elected as member of the Negotiating Committee. His interest in this position came from his profound faith in the significance of collective bargaining at all times, and especially in times of economic hardship. Since then, he served on this committee for five years in three rounds of collective bargaining. He was the Chief Negotiator in the 2016 round of bargaining. Brady held two key positions on the MRFA Executive Board. He was the Vice President, Negotiations in 2015/2016, and Vice President Policy and Senior Grievance Officer in 2018/2019. During the same time, he served as Chair of the Grievance Committee. Following the 2012 round of bargaining, Brady was one of the three MRFA representatives on the Joint Committee on Financial Exigencies. The joint committee produced a report with draft financial exigency language, which was brought to the table in 2014, 2016 and 2018. After many rounds of collective bargaining, in the 2018 round, the MRFA Negotiating Committee successfully negotiated an MOU on Financial Emergencies, which was based on the fundamental principles of the report. Further, in 2014/2015, he represented the MRFA on the Joint Committee for the Revision of the Faculty Annual Reports. This committee produced a report with recommendations that led to the current version of the annual report system.

David Sabiston, Economic Justice and Policy Studies
DSA Recipient 2019

David has served multiple times on the Negotiations Committee (nee Economy Policy Committee) where he has always brought a clear sense of standing for faculty.  David first joined the Economic Policy Committee in May 2002.  David was determined even then to ensure that the College met faculty’s need for real wage increases. Indeed, it was David who at 10 PM on Friday evening in March held firm on our demands and ensured that we achieved a bit more in a wage settlement. Or, as the College’s lead negotiator, Bill Armstrong (also the College’s legal counsel) put it, “It’s not like you didn’t get every nickel on the table.” David served as Vice-Chair in the 2004-05 round and held out valiantly to retain the Association’s right to strike after the Conservative government legislated it away. In 2012, David became VP Negotiations and the Association’s chief spokesperson of the Negotiating Committee.  In that role, he again stood strong for the best financial settlement possible and set in motion a process to bring Financial Exigency into the Collective Agreement. Although that struggle is not yet done, David pushed hard to keep job security for full-time faculty foremost in the 2018-19 round of collective bargaining.   Over the years Dr. Sabiston has also served on the MRFA Executive Board and the Professional Standards Committee.  Dr. Sabiston’s record shows that the MFRA has had a passionate advocate for faculty’s right to maintain their real waged in the face of inflationary pressure, a cool negotiator who is steady when the pressure rises, and a fearless leader who has served the Association steadfastly for over two decades. We have all benefited from David’s principled stands.

Cheryl Techentin, Department of Psychology
DSA Recipient 2018

Cheryl Techentin has been an engaged member of the MRFA for many years and in multiple capacities.  She was selected to receive this award especially for her distinguished service over three years as Chair of the Association’s Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC), from 2015 until 2018.  These were years of significant activity for the Committee, as Mount Royal University moved to implement a new Faculty Annual Reporting System as well as an new Student Perception of Teaching instrument.  Under Cheryl’s leadership, the FEC worked to ensure that these instruments would be of formative value to faculty, all while respecting the collective agreement and avoiding inappropriate and unfair assessment practices.  Cheryl’s continual engagement during this process, advocacy for evidence-based practices, and the resulting reports and recommendations provided to the Association by the FEC were important in identifying potential problems, and in liaising proactively with University administration to avoid them.  We recognize Cheryl’s service as a model of member engagement and dedication which, while unassuming in approach, has benefited the wider collective many times over.

Elaine Mullen, Department of English, Languages, and Cultures
DSA Recipient 2017
Distinguished 0

Elaine Mullen started at Mount Royal in 1969; so, her many contributions to this institution and to the Association are far too numerous to list here in any detail. However some of the highlights include her significant contributions to MRU through ADC’s Instructional Support Program and to the MRFA through the PDC, Executive Board and Awards Committees. Elaine co-developed the Instructor Support Program (ISP) which assisted new faculty members improve their teaching. This has had significant and long lasting impact. She was a trusted person whom faculty sought out to provide mentorship and support in their teaching practice. Though it was not a formal relationship, many faculty have viewed Elaine as their mentor over the years. No matter the faculty members’ needs or the issues they faced, Elaine was always there to support them. One of her legacies at MRU is a commitment to the support for quality teaching and teaching development. Also, Elaine was instrumental in forming early connections between the MRFA and new faculty members by facilitating the involvement of the MRFA in the ISP program. Though her contributions to the MRFA go far beyond that. To list only a few of her MRFA service roles, she was the MRFA Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors for 4 years and a Member at Large for two years, she was the Chair of Awards Committee for 5 years and a member of the PDC for 18 years. She was instrumental in developing the MRFA’s Teaching Excellence Award, having brought to this committee many years of service on the University’s awards committees. The creation of this award is a lasting legacy in which the Association membership demonstrates its continued commitment to the importance of quality teaching at MRU. Elaine was, also, instrumental in the creation of the MRFA’s Annual Spring Retreat in 1990. The benefits this annual event provide to the Association and its members are several, it promotes collegiality, promotes the development of relationships across the university, supports faculty members in their various roles as academic staff, connects members to the MRFA who otherwise would not be, and provides a much needed break for faculty at the end of each academic year. For these things, and so many more, we are grateful for immeasurable contributions Elaine has made to the Association and the University over the years. And, we look forward to her continued involvement in the years to come.

Pat Kostouros, Department of Child Studies & Social Work
DSA Recipient 2016
Distinguished 1

Pat’s scholarly interests include mental health of post-secondary students, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. While maintaining a very active scholarship program, Pat pursues extensive internal and external service. She has served on various MRFA and institutional committees, including the MRFA Executive Board. Her external service is, likewise, extensive: she is involved in the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta and Post-Secondary Student Mental Health.

Gerry Cross, Department of Mathematics and Computing
DSA Recipient 2014
Distinguished 2

Gerry Cross’ dedication to the Mount Royal Faculty Association spanned his entire career at Mount Royal. Before moving towards phased Retirement, Gerry spent four years as President of the MRFA and, prior to that, several years on the MRFA’s Negotiating Committee and as the MRFA’s VP Negotiations. Through bargaining, Gerry was instrumental in negotiating the changes required for MRU to become a University. As MRFA President, Gerry was a strong advocate for the proper administration of the Collective Agreement and focused other Association efforts on Advocating for Post Secondary Education.

Lee Easton, Department of English
DSA Recipient 2012
Distinguished 3

Lee Easton joined the English Department at Mount Royal in 1996 and served as the Chair of the department for several years. His special interests include media and representation, gender/queer theory, literary theory, multimedia, and film.

Lee was selected to be the recipient of this award for his many years of service to MRU and the MRFA. Particularly, his service on the MRFA Negotiating Committee. He is our longest standing member of the Negotiating Committee and was integral in bargaining the changes in the Collective Agreement required for the transition from a College to a University.

Mardy Roberts, Department of Psychology
DSA Recipient 2009
Distinguished 4

Mardy was, and as Professor Emerita continues to be, a knowledgeable and committed teacher who is particularly responsive to students. She has been creating excellent learning experiences for her students from the first time she entered a classroom.

Mardy was selected as the recipient of the DSA for her dedicated service to the MRFA over the years and in many capacities, including the Negotiating Committee and the Executive Board.

Marlene Kingsmith, Department of Child and Youth Studies
Inaugural Recipient of the DSA in 2008
Distinguished 5

Marlene’s dedication to creating community amongst faculty members across campus, through the MRFA Social Events Committee, inspired the Association to create the Distinguished Service Award. Her dedication to serving the MRFA in this capacity has had a long lasting impact on the MRFA and all of its members.

Marlene has been dedicated to the welfare of children and youth for more than 35 years. She has fostered more than 40 adolescents, served as a Child Welfare Worker, worked in a variety of treatment facilities, and operated a six-bed group care program for 18 years. In 1989, Marlene began mentoring others to be advocates for   vulnerable children, youth, and families as an instructor at Mount Royal University. Marlene plans to retire from Mount Royal University in 2017.