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Faculty Resources for Fall 2021

Some resources have been developed to assist faculty in plans to return to campus in 2021. Chair/manager toolkit  Instructor toolkit Information on managing faculty and student absences A return-to-campus video is also under development, which will show employees and students how campus will be… Continue Reading “Faculty Resources for Fall 2021”

Fair Deal MRU – Member Demonstration

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CAFA AB 2030 Press Release

Advocacy Built on Involvement

By Melanie Peacock (2021-04-13) As an educator I incorporate many ways for students to reflect upon their acquired knowledge and experiences and to critically think about how to effectively apply these. I expect no less from myself. Having served on numerous MRFA committees, including… Continue Reading “Advocacy Built on Involvement”

Where to Place Your Trust: In Magic or in Organizing?

Marc Schroeder (2021-04-14) It’d be comforting to believe in magic. By the time we return to teaching this fall, our current round of collective bargaining will be nearing its second birthday. Despite overwhelming evidence that MRU’s Board has no interest in accepting anything other… Continue Reading “Where to Place Your Trust: In Magic or in Organizing?”