Who was Involved in Developing the Plan?

IIn Fall 2020, the MRFA Executive Board struck an Equity Review Committee from among the Executive Officers. To create a link between the Review Committee and the membership the Executive Board invited expressions of interest to sit on the Equity Review Committee. The Board appointed Dr. Kim Williams to join Member-at-Large Irene Shanker, Past President Melanie Peacock, President Lee Easton and Senior Administrative and Faculty Relations Officer Chantelle Anderson. The Diversity and Equity Committee appointed Dr. Ghada Alatrash, a contract faculty member from General Education, to be its liaison with the Review Committee and its successor the MRFA 2025 Working Group.  

In Fall 2021, the MRFA 2025 Working Group saw new members come on board. Diversity and Equity Officer Milena Radzikowsca took over from Dr. Shankar. When Dr. Alatrash left MRU,, the Executive Board again looked for expressions of interest to serve on the MRFA 2025 Working Group. David Couilaby, a contract faculty member in the Bissett School of Business and Dr. Michael Ata were appointed to the MRFA 2025 Working Group and generously shared their expertise.