Where did this Plan Come From?

This plan has its origins in the Executive Board’s 2020 Statement on Racism that was issued in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and acknowledging police violence against Black and Indigenous people in Canada. In that statement, the MRFA Executive Board committed to a full review of the Association’s By-laws, policies and procedures. 

In September 2020, the Executive Board established an Equity Review Taskforce, charged with examining the Association’s basic documents and policies to ensure they were as inclusive as possible and did not foster discrimination. Their recommendations resulted in important changes to the Association’s Bylaws last year as well as to on-going revisions of the Association’s policies. 

As the review progressed, the Taskforce members saw that a more fundamental cultural change was required–change that would take time and a clear action-oriented plan to guide the work needed to transform the Association. With that goal in mind, the Taskforce wrote the first draft of MRFA 2025 with four proposed goals or interventions. The MRFA Executive Board approved these in June 2021.  The Plan was then posted on the Association’s website for member comment and suggestions.