AUPE BArgaining Update – 2020-01-08

Questions Answered in the AUPE Bargaining update online

Read the Bargaining Update here.

1. What proposals have the union and employer made so far? 
2. What is our position on the employer’s proposed rollbacks? 
3. How many years will our next contract be in place for? 
4. Can the employer legislate their bargaining demands? 
5. Can the employer issue a retroactive salary rollback? 
6. Is the employer seeking to have us pay more for our benefits? 
7. What is an Essential Service Agreement, and when do we expect to have one? 
8. If we have to strike, will I have access to financial support?  
9. Why don’t we just call a general strike now? 
10. What are we doing to fight these rollbacks, and how can I get involved? 
11. Local chairs contact information