Conflict Resolution Workshop: How to Better Analyze, Resolve and Prevent Troubling Disputes

Have you had to deal with troubling interpersonal or intergroup disputes at work or elsewhere? Do you wish to learn more about the dynamics and underlying psychological drivers of conflict? Would you like to try out various tools for better preventing, de-escalating and resolving conflict? If so, please join us for this workshop that will combine theory and research with hands-on application.

Presented by Dr. Randy Genereux, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology.

March 9, 2018, 9:30 – 11:30am, in the Faculty Centre (with breakfast). Register Below.

Working with case studies of academic workplace conflicts, we will explore how to become more adept at analyzing and dealing with disputes by applying key concepts, research findings and strategies from the conflict resolution literature. Along the way we will touch upon a range of core conflict topics including the following:

  • Trust, distrust and conflict
  • Fairness, injustice and conflict
  • Perceptual and cognitive biases in conflict
  • Emotions and conflict
  • Interest-based, rights-based and power-based approaches to conflict
  • Creativity in conflict resolution

Hosted by the MRFA’s Professional Standards and Ethics Committee.